6 thoughts on “The problem of majority rule”

  1. Coalition requires the presence of more than two political parties in the government.
    SMD RCV has never encouraged political party diversification, and Plurality certainly does not.
    So rather than obliquely throwing shade, do you have a suggestion to fix the problem?

      1. [[CITATION NEEDED]]
        Your Cogitatio article says many MMD methods can lead to multi-party coalitions, which is true but irrelevant to SMD RCV (non-numbered AV in your parlance). And by “Plurality” I mean SMD FPTP.

          1. Hmm. You wrote that a disciplined third party “could cut deals with other parties AS PARTIES” (not as members of a governing coalition). I missed the meaning of the closing phrase.

            Nevertheless, your article absolutely does not say that either SMD RCV or SMD FPTP can escape duopoly.
            Therefore, [[CITATION NEEDED]] regarding your statement on Nov 29.

  2. On second thought, never mind.
    I withdraw the question in the 3rd sentence of my 1st comment here, and replace it with a declarative:

    Your online posts would be a LOT better if you came to your actual point more often, rather than making lots of minor complaints about other things (presumably with the implication “therefore MY thing is the right answer”).

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