Thoughts on the direction of electoral reform

Here are some ideas for what reformers might be doing. They are based on my research and my interpretation of others’ research.

None of this (except maybe MMP) is said with an eye to policy effects. I am focusing only on reform longevity and voting-rights concerns.

  • Restrict STV to places that already have nonpartisan elections.
  • Convert STV to OLPR when the alternative is repeal.
  • Restrict ‘instant runoff’ to the optional-preferential form. Ensure party control of the party label. Develop inclusive rules for handling improperly marked ballots. I can share an example set.
  • Consider MMP for state legislatures.

This is a set of compromise proposals. It takes account of widespread demand for electoral reform, legitimate concerns about electoral reform, and the fact that RCV/nonpartisan elections aren’t going anywhere — a point made forcefully by many in or near this space.

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